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5 Reasons Candidasa Should Be Your Next Holiday Destination

Whether you are already in Indonesia or are planning your next trip to Bali, Candidasa should be on your itinerary. This small town in the east of the island has so many things going for it, and yet most people who visit the island don’t even give it a thought. Today we’re going to give you 5 great reasons why Candidasa really should be your next holiday destination.

1. It’s great for all kinds of travelers

5 Reasons Candidasa Should Be Your Next Holiday Destination

Candidasa has long been a favorite weekend getaway for Bali’s expats but it is also great for other travelers too. It is a very safe, friendly place with an old school Balinese vibe that suits solo travelers, families with young kids, scuba divers, and couples looking for some romance. Those looking for all night parties will not want to stay long, but it’s always an option for some recovery time after partying in other parts of the island.

2. There is no better place for relaxing

5 Reasons Candidasa Should Be Your Next Holiday Destination

The small town of Candidasa moves at the slow pace of a Balinese village. There is no rushing around, no traffic, and not a whole lot to do but take in the lovely surroundings. This is basically the perfect place to unwind, forget about any stresses you may have and just enjoy. There is nothing more to do but swim, read a book, take walks, have a massage, and eat good food. That sounds pretty nice doesn’t it?

3. You can stay a weekend or a week

5 Reasons Candidasa Should Be Your Next Holiday Destination

Candidasa is great for a quick break or a longer vacation. You may need to just slip away for a couple of days to refresh or spend a week diving and enjoying all that East Bali has to offer. You won’t need to spend much time traveling because getting to Candidasa is easy. It’s only around 1.5 hours from Ngurah Rai airport or a quick 45 minutes from Ubud or Sanur.

4. Marine life thrives


If you are looking for marine adventures, Candidasa is an excellent base. The diving around East Bali is some of the best and most varied on the island and Gangga Divers at Lotus Bungalows Candidasa is a 5* PADI certified dive school ready to show you all the area has to offer. From muck diving, to ship wrecks, and searching for manta rays and mola-mola, you can see it all around Candidasa.

5. You’ll get a glimpse of old Bali

Visit Old Bali at Tenganan Village

Candidasa is one of the few places in Bali that has really retained its old Bali atmosphere. Of course there are shops and restaurants to suit tourists but the area is steeped in traditions and culture that have hardly changed for centuries. Visit the Bali Aga (original Balinese) village nearby, watch the fishermen set out to sea and come back with their catch of the day, and enjoy Virgin Beach just a few minutes from Candidasa to really get the feeling of Bali.

Are you convinced that Candidasa should be your next holiday destination yet? Come and see for yourself why so many people that visit the area come back again and again. If you have any questions about Candidasa, we’d love to help. Just leave us a question or comment in the box below.

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