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You Might See These Animals in Candidasa, Bali

When staying at Lotus Bungalows in Candidasa, you can expect to see a variety of animals in and around the resort. Afterall, the gardens make a lovely home for lizards, birds, and butterflies. If you haven’t been to Bali before, it’s good to know who you might run into before you arrive.

In the Air

You Might See These Animals in Candidasa, Bali

There are hundreds of species of birds in Bali, but one of the most beautiful is the Common kingfisher. Flashes of their bright blue plumage are often seen darting across the gardens at Lotus Bungalows. Along the coastline you may also see egrets, herons, and waterhens looking for their next meal. In the rice fields there are often swallows and swifts darting about the fields as well.

On Land

Balinese Wildlife Wonders: A Dive into the Island’s Biodiversity

Bali is famous for its monkey forests in Ubud and Sangeh, but did you know long-tailed macaques are also found in the forested hills around Candidasa? There are some scenic outlooks where they like to gather and get fed by the tourists passing by.

One creature you will get very well acquainted with in Bali are geckos. Both small kicak and larger tokek are found just about everywhere on the island. You may not always see them but you’ll know if you have them around by their quiet clicking and louder calls that you will hear in the evening and nighttime.

Semi-Aquatic Animals

You Might See These Animals in Candidasa, Bali

At Lotus Bungalows the gardens and water features are home to frog species that are especially noticeable during the rainy season. Their croaking ramps up to a full chorus at night but is one of the signature sounds of the tropics.

Thanks to the resort’s location on the shoreline, you will often see crabs scuttling across the sand or rocks. Kids are especially tickled by seeing these crabs, but beware of their snappy claws, they are stronger than you think.

Nocturnal Animals

You Might See These Animals in Candidasa, Bali

At night the tropics really come to life. You might see bats swooping down to catch insects in the lamplight, or looking for sweets near fruiting trees or flowering plants.

Similarly, Bali is home to several owl species, and their calls can often be heard in the quieter areas around Candidasa at night.


You Might See These Animals in Candidasa, Bali

Although there are many types of insects in Bali, there are some that people are happier to see than others. Dragonflies are commonly seen around the resort’s ponds and gardens and zipping around the nearby Lotus pond that Candidasa is famous for. Butterflies are also happy to spend their days fluttering around the gardens of the resort. In the evenings you’ll see various species of beetles and moths that are attracted to the lights and plants around the resort as well.

Marine Life

Diving with Manta Rays in Bali

The waters around Candidasa are rich with marine life, including colorful reef fish such as angelfish, parrotfish, and clownfish. Sea turtles are often spotted while snorkeling or diving, especially around popular dive sites like the Blue Lagoon and Gili Mimpang, and graceful Manta Rays can be found around nearby Nusa Penida.

These are just a few examples of the incredibly diverse wildlife you can encounter while staying at Lotus Bungalows in Candidasa. The combination of terrestrial, avian, and marine life makes this area a fascinating destination for nature lovers.

Do you like to get acquainted with the wildlife why you go on holiday, or would you rather keep your distance. We’d love to hear about your preference in the comments box below.

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