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Sustainability at Lotus Bungalows

At Lotus Bungalows, we are a big proponent of sustainable tourism. We start from being responsible in house and inviting our partners, community and also guests to work together in advancing our mission.

Our mission is to be a model of sustainable hotel that can effectively provide long term benefit for the host community and the natural environment. We want to utilize the power of tourism and collaboration to create sustainable impact to our surrounding. We do this because we consider it our duty as citizen of planet earth and because we believe it is the only way forward to do business.

For this to happen we follow a comprehensive sustainability policy that helps to move us to that direction. Here are some of the thing we are working on:

  • Reduce our waste significantly by creating a 3 year plan to achieve zero waste to landfill.
  • Eliminate single use plastics starting with plastic water bottles, straws and room amenities.
  • Separate waste into recyclables, organic and residue, and ensure proper disposal of landfill waste.
  • Compost all our kitchen waste in house and working on composting all our garden waste.
  • Donate used cooking oil to be recycled into biofuel.
  • Reduce unnecessary chemical use in our premises.
  • Replace all light bulbs with energy efficient LED ones section by section.
  • Practice energy and water conservation through behavior change and appropriate technology.
  • Spread awareness about sustainability and marine conservation to our staff, guests and community.
  • Strict no touch policy on corals and marine life for divers and snorklers.
  • Organize and join community beach clean ups.
  • And many more...

Check our Group Sustainability Policy at Lotus Hotels.

If you would like to know more or get involved, email our Sustainability Coordinator at lotus.sustainability(at)gmail.com


More information:

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