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Gangga Divers Has a New Logo!

Gangga Divers, the house PADI dive centres for Lotus Hotel’s five resorts, has been rebranded with a fantastic new logo.

The logo’s base, a nautilus shell, reflects the sea and constant growth, which is what Gangga Divers’ service is all about. The logo also contains the letter G in the shell’s spiral, unifying the first initial of Gangga Divers and the shell.


Gangga Divers in Candidasa, Bali - Lotus Bungalows


You’ll notice that the nautilus is sectioned into five different parts. This is representative of the five places where Lotus Hotels & Gangga Divers operate; Lotus Bungalows Candidasa, BaliVilla Almarik, LombokGangga Island Resort & Spa, North SulawesiPapua Paradise Eco Resort, Raja AmpatSampaguita Resort, Philippines.

The centralized shape of the logo represents the personalized services with international standards that guests will receive when they stay at Lotus Hotels and use the services of Gangga Divers.

The colours are also significant in the logo. The blue and green reflect the colours you’ll find at all of Gangga Divers’ tropical locations. The sea, sky, palm trees and land are all represented in the colours of the branding.


Gangga Divers in Candidasa, Bali - Lotus Bungalows


We’re very proud of our new logo and think it reflects perfectly the values and philosophy behind everything that Lotus Hotels and Gangga Divers strive for.

What do you think of our new logo? We’d love to know if you think it represents the Gangga Divers brand.

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