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What You Can Do to Have an Eco-Friendly Stay at Lotus Bungalows Candidasa

Recently there has been a lot of news about the negative effects of tourism on Bali. However, we believe that it’s possible to have a low-impact stay on the island by implementing a few very simple, eco-friendly measures. Read on to see what you can do when you’re staying at Lotus Bungalows Candidasa.


Eco-Friendly Holidays at Lotus Bungalows Candidasa, Bali

Candidasa is only reachable from the airport and other tourist areas in Bali by car or on a bike, so transport to the area is unavoidable. However, once you’re there Candidasa is a really walkable little town with pavements on both sides of the main road. Going out to the ATM, to get money changed, to pick up snacks or just do a bit of exploring is all easily done on foot.

You can even go to local temples or discover a bit of life outside the main town by walking. Make sure you have trainers or light hiking boots with you, as sandals don’t always cut it on the rougher paths. And definitely remember to apply plenty of sunscreen before you head out as the sun can be extremely strong.

Refill Your Bottle

Refill Your Bottle at Lotus Bungalows Candidasa, Bali

Refillable water bottles are one of the best ways you can be eco-friendly in Bali. Lotus Bungalows has recently teamed up with Refill My Bottle to make sure guests and visitors in the area always have a place to stop and refill rather than buying single-use plastic bottles.

You’ll need a lot of water in Bali, especially if you are out walking, so bring a good-sized refillable bottle with you. It will save you money, help the environment and ensure you’re always hydrated! You can also refill your bottle with water to brush your teeth with if you don’t want to use the tap water.

Take Shorter Showers

Eco-Friendly Stay at Lotus Bungalows Candidasa, Bali

Speaking of water, it’s very important in Bali to be aware of the amount of tap water you use. Groundwater is in short supply and during the dry season many wells and rivers dry up completely.

You might not be brushing your teeth in tap water, but if you do make sure to turn the tap off while you’re brushing. You should also keep your showers as short as possible. Sometimes at the end of a hot day all you want to do is spend time in a cool shower, but this could really put a strain on local water supplies.

Eat Local Food

Local Traditional Balinese Food

Local food movements are happening all over the world, and Bali is no exception. By eating local food we can lower our carbon footprint and what’s better than trying out local delicacies anyway?

The Balinese cook with delicious fresh ingredients like tofu, tempeh, fresh seafood, veggies and tropical fruits. Lotus Bungalows offers a fantastic variety of local dishes and also some international dishes cooked with as many local ingredients as possible.

When you eat local, you also support local farmers and growers. With many younger people turning away from farming and other traditional skills, it’s always a fantastic idea to support those who are trying to keep these traditions alive.

Eco-Friendly Diving

Eco-Friendly Diving in Bali, Indonesia

Candidasa is well known for its excellent diving, so this might be one of the major draws to Lotus Bungalows for you. Whether you are a certified diver or you’d like to get your PADI certification, you must remember to dive with mindfulness of your surroundings.

Gangga Divers at Lotus Bungalows is a professional dive school with years of experience of diving in the area, but there are many other schools around as well. If you see anyone, instructor or diver, stepping on or touching coral or marine life, you must report it.

Keeping Your Trip to Candidasa Low-Impact

When you holiday these days, you’ll probably hear a lot about lowering your impact on the area. It may sound daunting, but implementing these very simple steps can make a big difference. It also shows the Balinese people that you care and is an example for them to take better care of their island too!

What do you do on your holidays to make sure you have the lowest impact possible on the environment? We’d love to hear about it in the comments.

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