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Preparing for a Rainy Season Trip to Bali

Rainy season is upon us and while it is still a great time to visit Bali, it is good to be prepared for possible wet days. The rainy season starts around September or October and ends around March so a little extra planning can make things much more comfortable if you do end up in the middle of a rain storm. Here are our top tips for preparing for a rainy season trip to Bali.

Come dressed for the weather

Preparing for a Rainy Season Trip to Bali

There are days when you will want to go out and explore despite the weather. All you really need in this case is a decent rain jacket. Think lightweight, waterproof, and easily packable in a backpack. If you need to you can pick up a rain mac in Bali at a mini mart or small locally owned shops. They are cheap enough and can be left to your driver or hotel staff when you leave.

Non-slip shoes

It can get really slippery in the rainy season. The moss-friendly humidity and uneven pavements can cause walking surfaces to become hazardous without suitable footwear. Sandals are fine, and sometimes preferable to wet shoes, but make sure they have plenty of grip on the soles. A pair of quick-drying trainers is even better though.

Mosquito repellent

Lotus Bungalows Candidasa Bali

Mosquitoes lay their eggs in standing water, which is more prevalent in the rainy season. Lotus Bungalows Candidasa is vigilant about checking for standing water and fogging the area to kill mosquito larvae when necessary but it is good to be aware that there may be more mosquitoes around in the wet season. Mosquito repellent is easy to find in Bali but if you prefer a certain brand, it is a good idea to pack it.

Don’t forget a good book

Preparing for a Rainy Season Trip to Bali

There may be times that you really can’t get out and about during rainy season. This is usually just a couple of hours at a time, but if you have some downtime use it to relax. If you don’t usually get much time to read, write, or listen to podcasts, this is the ideal situation. Catch up on all the things that you may not get to do so much of when you are home and busy with work, school, or day-to-day tasks.

Plan some inside activities

There are loads of things you can do inside in Bali that you may not have thought of. Visiting art galleries or museums is a good option on a rainy day and there are plenty in Ubud just under an hour from Lotus Bungalows Candidasa. Classes mostly take place inside so you could try out a traditional cooking class, learn to make offerings, or even try batik making, carving, weaving, or jewelry making.

The rain might seem like a pain if you are planning on a tropical holiday, but in fact it might give you opportunities to do some things you might not have thought of. See it as a blessing instead of a curse and you will be happily dancing in a tropical rain shower rather than hiding from it grumbling about the weather.

Would you be willing to book a trip to Bali in the rainy season, or would you rather wait until the dry season? We’d love to hear your thoughts on this in the comments box below.

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