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New Leadership and Upgrades at Gangga Divers Candidasa

In the heart of Bali‘s dive scene, Gianluca, the newly appointed manager of Gangga Divers at Lotus Bungalows Candidasa, is making waves with a fresh perspective. Born and raised in Italy, this 41-year-old marine enthusiast traded in his career in finance for a life submerged in his passion for the ocean. With over a decade of diving experience in Italy and the Maldives, Gianluca set his sights on Indonesia, eager to explore what the thousands of islands in the archipelago have to offer.

Dive Center Revitalization

New Leadership and Upgrades at Gangga Divers Candidasa

After arriving in Candidasa, Gianluca wasted no time in infusing new energy into Gangga Divers, with an array of updates and improvements aimed at enhancing the overall diving experience.

Dive Boat Renovations

Dive Boat Gangga Divers Candidasa Bali

The dive adventure begins with revamped vessels. Maya and Natalie, the pride of Gangga Divers, are now operational with either brand-new or meticulously renovated engines. These dive boats are fully equipped for 12 divers and have up-to-date safety equipment including radio, life jackets, first aid kit, and DAN Jumbo Oxygen twin tanks. Ongoing maintenance ensures that guests can expect safe and reliable service and quality dive experiences.

Expanded Diving Destinations

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Divers can now explore beyond the familiar sites of Padang Bai, Candidasa, Nusa Penida, and Tulamben. Gangga Divers has extended its reach to include the picturesque Amed area. But the exploration doesn’t stop there—plans are underway to further enhance offerings in Tulamben, Nusa Penida, and introduce exciting new dive sites in Nusa Lembongan.

Equipment Upgrades

Gangga Divers at Lotus Bungalows Candidasa Bali

A commitment to top-notch service extends to the dive equipment as well. Gangga Divers is investing in the refurbishment of all tanks to elevate service quality and rental gear is undergoing a facelift, with the addition of new items to better cater to the diverse preferences of guests.

Energy Food

Diving with Gangga Divers in Bali

Divers need energy for successful dive trips and can be hungry after diving so the Gangga Divers team have worked with the resort’s kitchen to revamp the food menu for dive trips. Gianluca and his team are introducing a diverse range of options. In addition to local delights like Nasi and Mie Goreng, international favorites like cold pasta and rice salads are now available. Vegetarian guests can also anticipate more choices, ensuring that everyone is satisfied post-dive.

Under the leadership of Gianluca, Gangga Divers at Lotus Bungalows Candidasa is ready to welcome divers from every corner of the world. With revitalized boats, expanded diving destinations, upgraded equipment, and a mouthwatering food menu, the dive center is set to provide an unparalleled experience for underwater enthusiasts.

Diving with Gangga Divers in Bali

Those who have dived with Gangga Divers will be delighted with the new offerings and new guests are sure to come back over and over again.

Have you been diving with Gangga Divers before? We’d love to hear your feedback on the dive centre and your favorite things about diving with us. We’d also love to hear what you think we could improve on. Leave us a comment in the box below.

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