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Must Try Health and Wellness Treatments in Bali

Over recent years Bali has become a haven for wellness, health and spa treatments and with good reason. The island has a long history of traditional treatments to heal sickness, and rejuvenate and beautify the body. While in Bali, you must try some of these treatments so you can return home feeling refreshed and glowing.

Traditional Massage Treatments

Traditional Balinese Massage in Bali

The Balinese people have been using massage as a healing technique for thousands of years. Most Balinese massage entails firm strokes, stretching the muscles and releasing knots. There is often one member of the family known for their ability to heal minor ailments. This person will pass their skills down to a younger member of the family to carry on the tradition.

At Lotus Bungalows the poolside gazebo and the spa room are perfect places for a relaxing massage. The therapists each put their family techniques to use and also listen to and feel what the client’s body needs during the massage.

Oils and Medicinal Herbs

Wellness Treatments in Bali

Each family has their own techniques and uses a different mix of oils and herbs. Some of the most commonly used natural oils and roots are turmeric, cajaput oil, coconut oil, ginger, sandalwood and aloe. These warm the body, ease aches and pains and soften and moisturize the skin.

For relaxation, frangipani and other tropical flowers are used to infuse oils with delicious scents. These smells allow you to drift into a gentle tranquility and let your body heal and energize naturally.


Spa Treatments in Bali

In Bali the tropical climate, salt water and sun can play havoc with your skin. The Balinese regularly use a technique of skin scrubbing called lulur. Using natural ingredients like ground rice, turmeric, aloe, ground coffee, ginger and coconut oil, they rub a paste onto their skin, leave it to dry and then rub it off. This removes dead skin, dirt and cleans pores of build up from sweat and sunscreen.

This treatment is an incredible way to get rid of impurities from the skin and also leaves you feeling fresh and your skin brighter. With a beautiful tan from time in the Bali sun you’ll glow from head to toe after a lulur treatment.

Cream Bath for the Hair

Must Try Health and Wellness Treatments in Bali

You might notice that the Balinese have gorgeously thick, shiny hair. The sun is very harsh in Bali, so how do they keep their hair so beautiful?

Many women in Bali treat their hair with coconut oil or cream baths containing thickening ingredients like aloe. You can get these treatments at the spa at Lotus Bungalows to protect your hair and also restore it after you’ve spent time in the sun.

For visitors with coloured hair, these treatments are a must if you are planning on diving or snorkeling. The salt water can strip your colour and make your hair very dry, so make sure you protect it with a traditional treatment.


Yoga in Bali

Yoga is not necessarily a traditional Balinese practice, but it has become more and more popular with locals and foreigners on the island. Lotus Bungalows Candidasa holds regular yoga classes with a professional instructor.

Whether you practice yoga already or not, yoga by the sea is a special practice, which can really revive your mindset and also sooth your body.

Yoga is also a fantastic practice before or after scuba diving in Candidasa. Diving can be tiring and also overextend muscles you don’t use all the time, so gently stretching your body with yoga before or after is an excellent way to take care of yourself.

Take Care of Yourself on Holiday with a Balinese Spa Treatment

Pampering yourself on holiday is a must and Balinese treatments are some of the best in the world. Also, the prices of spa treatments in Bali are extremely reasonable compared to other countries, so indulge while you’re on the island. We’d love to know what spa treatments you would like to have on holiday. Leave us a comment below!

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