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5 Ways to Change Up Your Scuba Diving

Each time you scuba dive there are new things to see and new sensations to feel. There are tons of variables like where you dive, the weather conditions, the season, or even the time of day. You will never have one dive exactly like the last. However, if you really want to change things up there are some ways to take your diving to whole new levels. Here are 5 ways to change up your scuba diving that could give you a whole new perspective on your time underwater.

1. Stay under longer

Recreational Rebreather Diver Course in Bali

Have you ever got to the end of a dive and wished you could stay under just a bit longer? Recreational rebreathers allow you to do just that by absorbing the carbon dioxide of your exhaled breath and recycling unused oxygen content. Longer no stop limits and reduced gas consumption means you can dive deeper for longer. Rebreathers also allow you to have unmatched encounters with marine life thanks to the fact that they don’t release any bubbles. Recreational rebreather training is available at Gangga Divers at Lotus Bungalows Candidasa. Click for more information on rebreather courses.

2. Dive in the dark

Night Dive in Bali with Gangga Divers

The thought of diving into the darkness of the ocean at night might be a pretty scary prospect. In fact, many new divers cite this is as their biggest fear. However, if you don’t dive at night you are missing out on a totally different perspective on marine life. There are many nocturnal creatures in the water that you would never see on a daytime dive. You may also get a much clearer view on everything with the help of the focused beam of your torch. The other element to a night dive is getting out of your comfort zone and facing fears. This can be incredibly freeing and will take your diving to a whole new level.

3. Cover more ground

Diver Propulsion Vehicle Course in Bali

Add some serious fun into your diving with a Diver Propulsion Vehicle (DPV). DPVs are lightweight underwater scooters that propel you through the water. They were first used during WWII but have become a great way to cover more ground during recreational diving. It only takes a day for a specialty PADI DPV course so even on a tight schedule you can fit it in.

4. Learn to Take Photos

Underwater Photography in Bali with Gangga Divers

Changing up the focus of your diving is another way to shift it to another level. Capturing beautiful images of your dives is a fulfilling hobby that carries through from the dive itself to dry land. Searching and categorizing species you have captured and even editing and sharing images is a wonderful way to immortalize what you have seen. Of course underwater photography isn’t a skill you can learn in a day like some of the others on this list. There are plenty of courses you can take though and tips you can learn from blogs, vlogs, and other divers.

5. Choose a new dive skill

PADI Specialty courses in Bali with Gangga Divers

PADI Specialty courses are specifically made to diversify diving skills and add more range to what you can do under the water. Choosing a new skill allows you to branch out and learn something that will add an interesting element to your diving. Whether you choose an AWARE shark conservation diver course or want to learn Wreck Diving, or Search and Recovery, you will be adding something to your dives that wasn’t there before. Specialty dive courses are offered at Gangga Divers at Lotus Bungalows Candidasa.

As incredible as diving is even without extra skills or technological upgrades, don’t let your diving stagnate. You can add a little something to your diving with very little effort, time, or money. Have you taken a course to upgrade your diving? Tell us all about it in the comments box below. We’d love to hear how it changed the way you dive.

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