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8 Romantic Things to do in Bali

The Island of Bali is without a doubt one of the most romantic places in the world. Couples flock here for their perfect tropical wedding and honeymooners find it the perfect sanctuary for spending precious time together. If you’re looking for some romance, read on to discover the 8 most romantic things to do in Bali.

1. Get away from the crowds

8 Romantic Things to do in Bali

A romantic trip is all about being together as a couple. For most this means finding a quiet place to be away from the crowded tourist areas. Candidasa is one of our favorite places in Bali to get away from it all. It’s a sleepy town with little to do but relax, swim, read and enjoy the peaceful sound of the waves. Lotus Bungalows Candidasa has a lovely old Bali feel with luxury touches that make all the difference when you’re looking to escape the world together.

2. Watch the sun rise or set

8 Romantic Things to do in Bali

Getting up early in the morning at least once while you’re in Bali is a must. This perfectly peaceful time of day is incredibly romantic. A stroll along the beach is a great way to start your day as a couple.

If mornings aren’t your thing, Bali’s sunsets are legendary. Jimbaran, Kuta, Canggu and the Bukit peninsula are the best places to watch the sky turn beautiful shades of purple, pink and orange. However, the east coast also has some pretty gorgeous skies in the evenings too.

3. Take beautiful pictures together

Bali is such a beautiful place there are almost endless photo opportunities. Whether you want something arranged for the family album or you just love to post your love on Instagram, you will be snapping photos left and right.

Sunsets on the beach are always stunning and mountain nests and swings in the Bedugul area have become very popular. One of our favorite and most romantic spots in Bali is the Lotus lagoon in Candidasa.

4. Have a spa date

8 Romantic Things to do in Bali

Can you think of anything more romantic than a couples massage with the scent of tropical oils in the air? This is one of the most iconic Bali experiences that you must do as a couple. It will relax you, let you forget any worries, and bring you closer together.

When you stay at Lotus Bungalows Candidasa you can book a couples massage and enjoy this quality quiet time you might not have back at home.

5. Take a walk

8 Romantic Things to do in Bali

Getting out into nature and exploring might not be your idea of romance, but wait until you’re surrounded by the vibrant green of Bali’s rice paddies. Being in such a lush and fertile landscape will make you fall in love a little more with your walking partner.

For rice paddy walks Tegallalang, Jatihluwih and Sidemen are said to be the most beautiful, but you can also take a walk wherever you stay and you’re sure to find natural beauty.

6. Have a romantic dinner

8 Romantic Things to do in Bali

You can have a romantic dinner wherever you are in the world, but somehow romantic dinners in Bali take it to another level. Whether you choose a gazebo with flowing curtains on the beach, a poolside gazebo, or a candlelit restaurant, Bali’s got you covered.

At Lotus Bungalows the beautiful bamboo restaurant is open air and looks over the sea. You can also choose to have dinner by the seafront pool, or in the poolside gazebo for a little more privacy. It doesn’t get much more romantic than this!

7. Go to the beach

8 Romantic Things to do in Bali

Lounging on a beach together is the ultimate indulgence. You have nothing to do but soak up the sun and enjoy each other’s company for the whole day. There are tons of gorgeous beaches to head to in Bali, from the white sands of Bingin and Dreamland, to busy Kuta and Seminyak. If you like your beach a little more deserted, Pasir Putih, which is around 15 minutes from Candidasa is the place to be.

8. Dive together

8 Romantic Things to do in Bali

Scuba diving, or even learning to dive can be an experience that brings you closer to your partner than ever. Bali has some of the most impressive diving in the world, and you could share this as a couple.

Gangga Divers at Lotus Bungalows will take you out together and show you some of the best corals, marine life and scenery to be found anywhere around Bali. Imagine diving with manta rays, or even searching for oceanic sunfish with the person you love. You’ll be talking about it for the rest of your lives.

Feeling romantic yet?

Bali really is perfect for couples. The experiences you have on this beautiful island will stay with you forever. What is your idea of a romantic trip? We’d love to hear about it in the comments box.

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