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6 Interesting Reef Fish You’ll See Around Candidasa, Bali

Divers flock to East Bali from around the world and for good reason. There are hundreds of beautiful species of fish, corals and nudibranchs to be found in the rich waters around Candidasa. If you are planning a trip to dive with Gangga Divers at Lotus Bungalows, you’ll be happy to know that you’ll probably see these 6 species and plenty more.

1. Flutemouth

6 Interesting Reef Fish You’ll See Around Candidasa, Bali

Also called cornetfish, flutemouths are of the genus Fistularia. There are only four species of this fish and at least two are commonly spotted around Bali. The flutemouths’ defining features are its extremely elongated snout and forked caudal fins whose center rays form a lengthy filament. They are almost prehistoric looking and can grow up to 200cm in length. Spotting one of these for the first time can be a bit of a surprise!

2. Yellow boxfish

6 Interesting Reef Fish You’ll See Around Candidasa, Bali

If you’re looking for a really interesting sight the yellow boxfish is the one to look out for. As its name suggests, the yellow boxfish is both yellow and box shaped. Its strange shape is created by an armored body that protects it against predators. As juveniles these fish are very bright yellow, which is also a type of protection. It’s thought the bright colour and black spots warn predators to stay away. If they don’t they’ll find that the yellow boxfish emits a poison from its skin when threatened.

3. Glassfish

6 Interesting Reef Fish You’ll See Around Candidasa, Bali

Often seen schooling on Candidasa and Amed dives, glassfish are certainly interesting to look at. Their name refers to their translucent bodies that allow you to see their bones and internal organs. They are only small, up to about 7.5cm in length, but in schools they are beautiful to watch. Seeing their clear, shining bodies all moving together is truly wonderful.

4. Bumphead parrotfish

6 Interesting Reef Fish You’ll See Around Candidasa, Bali

Also referred to as humphead parrotfish, these odd looking fish are very common around Candidasa’s dive sites. They definitely aren’t beautiful fish but divers love their unique faces and colouration. They have large green bodies and a strange pink bump on their heads. But perhaps the oddest part of their looks is their prominent teeth that look almost like an ill-fitting set of dentures.

5. Sweetlips

6 Interesting Reef Fish You’ll See Around Candidasa, Bali

Oriental sweetlips are common in the waters around East Bali. However, this doesn’t make them any less wonderful to see. Their juvenile colouring is white splotches on dark brown to black base. Sometimes you will see them with a hint of the yellows and striped pattern that emerges as they age. As adults they are stunning with their black and white stripes and yellow highlights. They can reach up to 72cm in length making them seriously striking to dive with.

6. Fire dartfish

6 Interesting Reef Fish You’ll See Around Candidasa, Bali

Usually found in pairs, fire dartfish are tiny fish of only about 7.5cm in length. Their arrow-like shape and fire red to orange tail fins give them their name. You’ll find them close to the holes that they dart in and out of on the reefs. They feed in the currents so look for them where they can catch crustacean larvae and zooplankton in the quicker moving water.

This is just 6 of the interesting fish species you’ll run into on the reefs around Candidasa. Your Gangga Divers dive guides will be able to point out hundreds more as well! Do you check out what you might see before you go on a dive trip? Or maybe you like to be surprised? Let us know in the comments box below.

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